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PROGRAM 2nd Festival

29 June - 6 July 2014


Artistic Director and Festival Initiator: Berenika Jakubczak
Festival honour guests and Artistic Collaboration: Ewa Głowacka and Zofia Rudnicka, Ph.D.



29 June (Sunday), Reception at the Theatre Auditorium MDK
Information and accreditation
arrivals of artists and festival participants

1 July (Tuesday), 9pm, Concert Shell (entry free of charge)
Young Choreographers Evening
choreography by: Anna Hop, Katarzyna Kubalska, Bartosz Zyśk

2 July (Wednesday), 9pm, Theatre Scene MDK (entry free of charge)
Evening of Avant garde
conception and choreography by: Paulina Święcańska and others

3 July (Thursday), 9pm, Concert Shell (entry free of charge)
Evening with Various Cultures
dances from different cultures, regions, styles and technique

4 July (Friday), 9pm, Theatre Scene MDK (entry free of charge)
Meeting with Dance Artists

4 July (Friday), 10pm, Theatre Scene MDK (entry free of charge)
Evening of Dance Film

5 July (Saturday), 9pm, Concert Shell (entry free of charge)
Świnoujście City of Dancers
workshop participants’ presentations and group presentation

 Independent events along with the Festival

30 June until 4 July 8.00am - 7.30pm, School Halls, MDK and others (paid entry)
Dance and Choreographic Workshops
different dance techniques preparing workshop groups for presentations on the 5th of July

30 June, 1, 2, 3 and 5 July, 10.30pm, Jazz Club – Centrala (entry - info in the Club)
Festival Club – meetings with music and dance
meeting with artists and dance animations

Notice: Organizers have the right to make changes in the program

 Principal Festival Organizer: ARTBALE Association of the Promotion of Cultural Education and Art
Co-funders: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Municipal Office of the City of Świnoujście,
Municipal Cultural Center (MDK) in Świnoujście, ABAKURS and others

FESTIVAL OFFICE – phone no.: +48 600 373 878; +48 608 403 473
before the festival: 05-120 Legionowo, ul. Piłsudskiego 3 lok. 13
during the festiwal (29 June – 6 July): 72-600 Świnoujście, ul. J. Matejki 11 (Theatre Hall MDK)


Festival 2014


Dear enthusiasts of dance and ballet, artists, dancers and all for whom dance is a source of joy in life, we are inviting you all to the:

2nd Crazy Summer Dance Festival – Dance Yourself

29th June – 6th July, 2014 in Świnoujście

We encourage you to get to know the biographies of our great dancers and information about the workshops they will teach. The schedule for the dance-choreography workshops with stage practice as well as on-line registration form for the second edition of festival will be provided very soon.



Festival Program 2013

In the Festival program, there are planned meetings with guests, dance shows, dance and choreography workshops, dance films, night meetings with music and dance and many other surprises. Above all, we invite you to enjoy a wonderful fun and unforgettable experience in a summer holiday mood.

In the program:

  • Evening of Various Cultures – an occasion of seeing marvelous shows of dance inspired by different cultures, techniques and styles, from classical pas, modern dance and jazz dance through belly dance, salsa, samba, gipsy dance, Hindi dance, modern Indian dance, Spanish flamenco, African dance to Irish dance and breakdance;
  • Meetings with Dance Artists. During the meetings we will hear some extraordinarily interesting and surprising details about artistic life of outstanding festival guests: artists dancers and choreographers. We will get to know in what way dancing influenced their everyday life, and we will be given many practical tips. These tips will allow us to understand an artist dancer and more efficiently put this knowledge to use in dance art perception as well as to realization of dance passion;
  • Evening with Dance Film – presentation of feature films and documentaries inspired or devoted to dance art, artist dancers and dance teams.
  • Choreographic and dance workshops – five-days lasting meetings with outstanding dancers as well as dance and ballet art teachers, held during the festival. This is an opportunity to get new dancing experience and a new way of looking at dancing as well as a possibility of learning completely new style, technique or choreographic matters. As part of rehearsals and scenic presentations all participants of finished workshops will perform modern choreographic arrangements based on different dance techniques, to the Świnoujście audience.
  • Dance show "Świnoujście – city of dancers" – in which amateur dancers will present their dance skills. These dance fans are participants of five-days lasting choreographic and dance workshops. During the workshops they were preparing themselves to the show.
  • Night Meetings with Music and Dance – an offer available only for workshops' participants. The meetings are a great opportunity for collective fun and an active way of relaxing during additional shows, animations and music which makes you dance. This offer gives you satisfaction and new sensation as well as a possibility to boost your form needed during your own exciting dance show. Night events are also an opportunity for bonding meetings with professional artists dancers, teachers and Festival guests, which will take place outside training halls, in the atmosphere of a seaside resort and a café. Common dancing is a chance for complementing experience gained during everyday workshops and learning new techniques and dancing styles.

See our Internet website You will find there more information about the Festival and workshops. Invitations for dance attractions and an application form, which helps you to sign in dance and choreographic workshops are also available there.

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