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Dance workshops


- OPEN Level for adults
- workshops for children and teens up to 14 years old

Instructor: Wioletta Wojciechowska.


Body movements based on Choreotherapy

Classes only for adults – minimum 18 years old.

Instructor: Edilson Ribeiro de Lima.



Instructor: Rada Zivkovic.



Classical Dance (A)

(A) Advanced / Intermediate Level

Instructor: Anna Akabalı.


Classical Dance (O)

(O) Open Level

Instructor: Marek Zajączkowski.


Classical Dance - Kids

workshops for children and teens up to 14 years old

Instructor: Alicja Złoch.


Contact Improvisation – Body Awarness

During the workshop we will base on the anatomy and the mechanics of movement, kinetic characteristics of the body, gravity and its influence on the movement. We will start with the anatomy that is with one aspect of the body structure (e.g. shoulder girdle, pelvis, and spine). Then we pass to explore and penetrate the matter during contact improvisation. The workshop will be also focused on the holistic cognitive process and the entire person, with his/her emotions, mentality and energy; will be included in this action. That’s why the dance created during the contact improvisation will be based mainly on the consciousness of the body, combined with the consciousness and ability to recognize own emotional necessities while dancing.

During the whole process we will work with aleatoric (controlled aspect of the case) setting tasks and exercises arising from the needs of the group and moment – aleatoric improvisation.

Instructors: Paulina Święcańska and Janathan Megaw.


Contemporary Dance - Kids

workshops for children and teens up to 14 years old

Instructor: Kaya Kołodziejczyk.


Contemporary – Pilates Fusion

Classes are based on Pilates Mat 1 +2 and Standing Pilates. They begin with a series of standing exercises followed by the main floorwork ("Mat"). In addition to typical Pilates exercises, numerous modifications and extensions of movements are included, inspired by modern and contemporary dance techniques (especially Horton and Graham).

We focus on control of the "centre" (powerhouse), improving strength and flexibility and using the principles of Pilates, for example, concepts of control, precision of breathing that could be applied to everyday situations anywhere and anytime. The last part of the class is focused on the principle of “stabilizing before mobilizing” and “moving from the inside out” and then continues with some choreographic phrases.

This course is ideal for anyone with a good level of physical fitness, for dancers, performers, actors wishing to improve the physicality and clarify the control and quality of movement.

Recommendations: Students may bring kneepads.

Instructor: Dariusz Popielarski.


Creative Contemporary Dance

workshop for children and teens up to 14 years old

Classes using imagery and creative visualization as a stimulus to allow children to explore movements and dance, encouraging potential and building physical confidence as movement vocabulary.

Classes are playful. Through movement play, music and games, children have the opportunity to have fun working together and to create their own imaginative movement sequences and dance phrases.

These fun filled, high energy dance classes will engage your children and improve their technique and give them the space to explore their creative expression.

Instructor:  Dariusz Popielarski.



Instructor: Magdalena Siwecka.


Instructor: Agata Teodorczyk.


Gypsy Dance

Instructor: Rada Zivkovic.



Instructor: Anna „Youya” Jujka.



Hip-Hop Open Mind

- OPEN Level
- A – Advanced / Intermediate Level

Instructor: Marcin Mroziński.



Interpretations of music and movement

workshops for children and teens up to 14 years old

Instructor: Anna Hop.


Jazz Choreography

A – Advanced / Intermediate Level

Instructor: Marek Zajączkowski.


Modern Latin with elements of modern dance

workshops for children and teens up to 14 years old

Instructors: Marta Grzegorczyk and Bartłomiej Domański.


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